Let Your Lincoln Become Your Personal Valet

Lincoln's Active Park Assist parks your new Lincoln Aviator and other Lincoln products for you! Simply start the active park assist program, slowly drive by parking spaces, and your Lincoln will tell you what to do from there with your hands off the wheel. Stop by our Lincoln dealership in Eugene to check out how it works and we'll give you a tutorial!

The New Lincoln Corsair is Your Next Luxury SUV in Oregon

Combine luxury and economy with the new Lincoln Corsair for sale in Eugene, OR! The new Lincoln Corsair is offered with either an EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder or a plug-in hybrid, all-wheel-drive powertrain for all-around versatility. What more could you need than electric power for commuting and hybrid versatility for long road trips? Test drive a new Lincoln at our Lincoln dealership in Eugene, OR!

Choose the New Lincoln Aviator as Your New Luxury Commuter

Your drive can now feel as if you're floating on air with the new Lincoln Aviator in Eugene. The new Aviator boasts luxurious features such as various recordings of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra alerting you with audible cues to an unfastened seatbelt or an open door. Don't let annoying bongs take you away from a relaxing drive in your new Lincoln SUV. Shop at our Lincoln dealership near Portland today!

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